Edward I of England's Coal


Edward I of England




Lets user manipulate others fear into obedience and submission


Contaminates the air



Collected by

Warehouse 8







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Edward I of England spent much of his reign altering the status of the royalty and the laws of the common people. Through an extensive legal inquiry, Edward investigated the tenure of various feudal liberties, while the law was reformed through a series of statutes regulating criminal and property law. These changes occurred alongside his increased role in military leadership. Battles against his father’s barons and being kidnapped by them made Edward to choose the Crusades over ruling after he was released. He was crowned king in his father’s death and had to deal with many rebellions, including the annexation of Wales and the failed attempt at conquering Scotland. All the combat caused heavy taxation of the peasants and dissent within the government and church, leaving many of his issues to his son.

Also known as Edward Longshanks and the Hammer of the Scots, Edward was fickle, tall and intimidating to most people. His citizens respected him for being a king who served their needs as a soldier, ruler and spiritual leader. He is also held in high regard for restoring the nobility to prestige and instituting Parliament is a legal and fair judicial power. However, Edward was also heavily criticized for his brutal actions against the Scots and the expulsion of Jews from England.


Collected after he banned the burning of coal in 1272. It allows the user to whammy and affect any person’s fear. They can warp their mind to be afraid of normally benign things or embolden them to the point of lethality. The most common and effective technique consists of making the subjects so afraid of some external force, they will vogue their loyalty for the user’s protection .

Used by agents to tend to Guy de La Brosse's Garden by burning a small portion of it. The coal's smoke often pollutes the air but if redirected it can make plants stop growing.

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