Edward Hughes Ball Hughes' Cravat


Edward Hughes Ball Hughes




Will surround the owner’s creditors with an inescapable wall or remove control over their financial assets


Causes the user to gamble away their money


Wearing and owing a monetary debt

Collected by

Warehouse 12







Date of Collection

March 15, 1893


Origin[edit | edit source]

Edward Hughes Ball Hughes was an English dandy known for his extravagant lifestyle. Famed for his black cravat at parties, he lost large amounts of his wealth through gambling. He temporarily moved to France to escape his creditors and later came into possession of an English manor in Sidmouth. He helped finance a new sea wall and in return, was granted control over the local market’s business.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The cravat absorbed its owner’s financial instabilities and now tries to correct them. It will create an impenetrable wall around the wearer’s creditors that will last until they call of the wearer’s debts. The space created has been noted to be more claustrophobic when the debts due are larger. If this does not deter the financier, then the cravat will make all control that person has over their finances disappear. The wearer will unfortunately gamble away any money they have left until they have nothing. Afterwards, the cravat will be rendered inactive and their debts can return. It must be immersed in gold coins every month to satisfy its penchant for money, which actually works pretty well.

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