Edmund Averson


Edmund James Averson






Field Agent

Previous Occupation

Military Doctor, Army

Area of Expertise

Medicene, Vibes, Mathematics


Edmund Averson (February 5th, 1944 - August 9th, 1978) was hired on October 29th, 1971 at the age of 27 yrs and the agents employment ended on August 9th, 1978 with his death from: The Activation of an Artifact.

Before The WarehouseEdit

Averson was born on February 5th, 1944 in the city of Columbus, Ohio to a family of 1 brother and a mother and father. Averson was the son of Mary-Ann Averson and Jacob Averson, mother: a stay at home mother and his father: a deli owner.

Averson had become engrossed into becoming a veterinary doctor, but soon realized his parents wouldn't support him if he did, so he went into medical school. Eventually joining the army as a military doctor to serve in the Vienam War and attend to wounded soldiers. After working for a few years in Vienam, Averson was switched back to the states and worked on an army base in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

After saving the life of a Warehouse agent after the collection of an artifact in Vienam, the Regents looked into the possibility of hiring him as a full time agent. Mrs. Fredric offered the position on October 28th, 1971. On October 29th, he accepted.

Life as a AgentEdit

Edmund Averson attended 93 documented retrievals and logged 134 hours into Warehouse 13's census retrieval manifest.   (See CR Manifest) 

Averson was prominently keen on finding frontier or "old west" artifacts and often volunteered to go on missions to find them.

Averson died on August 9th, 1978 from the collection of The Death Valley Pickaxe and was buried in Featherhead, South Dakoda.


  • Founded the "Wild West" Aisle, Fausto-Domenti 2281D

Artifact CollectionEdit

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