Eddie Brown's Tap Shoes


Eddie Brown


Tap shoes


Can dance by themselves.


Can entrance those who hear it.


Playing music around.

Collected by

Oto Barry


Out and About List/Catalogued for Barras-2673


((TBA by Elsa))


((TBA by Elsa))

Date of Collection

March 19, 1976/Removed on June 5, 1978


Origin[edit | edit source]

Eddie Brown was a celebrated dancer who worked with Bill "Bojangles" Robinson (having learned to dance like Robinson by listening to recordings of him). Brown had a very distinct style of tap dancing, and was best known for his “scientific tap", and was a master of improvisation, filling his dances with complex patterns and syncopated steps. Eddie Brown’s natural propensity to hear and create intricate rhythms allowed him to make his mark on the world of tap dance.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When these shoes are set on the ground and music is played around them, they will begin tap dancing on their own in the same complex style as Brown. The sound and rhythm of the shoes' performance is capable of strongly entrancing those around it.

Collection[edit | edit source]

These shoes were original collected on March 19th, 1976 by Oto Barry. They were then removed from the Warehouse without triggering the security system on June 5th, 1978, the day before his assumed death.

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