Eddie Arcaro's Jockey Goggles
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Eddie Arcaro


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Origin[edit | edit source]

Born premature to a measly three pounds, Eddie Arcaro was always chosen last for gym class. Standing at a respectable five feet two inches, "Banana Nose" Arcaro found his calling - jockeying thoroughbred horses. Before the rise of large sports teams, racing was one of highest caliber sporting events for socializing (and gambling). Practicing illegally since 15 down in Mexico, Arcaro reined in his skill and became the most outstanding player of his time. In the entirety of his career, Arcaro has won more prestigious race than any other fellow jockey and is the only rider to win the coveted U.S. Triple Crown twice.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Wearing these goggles allows the user to see from the horse's vantage point with extreme detail. Their visual sensitivity will be amped up to catch any hairpin movements with clarity, while they will automatically deduce the best maneuver to take advantage of momentary spaces. Causes acute height shrinkage by several feet, decreasing an inch for each victory.

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