Earl J. Hickey's List
Earl's List
Earl's List of bad deeds


My Name is Earl


Yellow Page filled with Earl's bad deeds


Crossing off anything off the list can get an exceeding amount of good luck.


After crossing off one, user must keep crossing off one at a time to keep good luck. Not crossing off list item can lead to events of extreme bad luck.


Touching the paper and crossing an item off

Collected by

Nick Renson







Date of Collection

October 15, 2012


Created from the show My Name is Earl, after so many episodes this list eventually became an artifact. Absorbing Jason Lee's character: Earl J. Hickey's tendencies to try to fix his bad deeds in return that Karma would reward him.


My Name is Earl is a series where the titular character realizes, after buying a winning lottery ticket, then getting hit by a car and losing the ticket, that karma is punishing him for all of the rotten deeds he has committed in his life. To try to reverse the bad luck, he decides to make a list of every bad thing he has done and make them right.

At the end of the four season run, Earl had completed at least 95 of the 277 items on the list. In a different series created by Greg Garcia, Raising Hope, a newscast in the background mentions that a "local man" had finished his list of wrongs. It is implied, though unconfirmed, that these two shows exist in the same universe.


Before the artifact activates, the page is filled with Earl's bad deeds. When someone touches the page, it erases Earl's bad deeds and replaces them with the user's bad deeds that have not been corrected. When the user crosses off an item on the list, the artifact gifts the user extraordinarily high amounts of luck for a short time. If the user continues to regularly cross items off the list until everything has been crossed off, a marginal increase of luck will stay with the user after the last massive wave of luck finishes for the next few years. If the user fails to regularly cross an item off the list, or chooses not to finish the list, extreme amounts of bad luck will constantly follow the user until they cross another item off the list.

If a user touches the list but does not choose to cross anything off, a small amount of bad luck will follow the user for the remainder of the day.

Handling RequirementsEdit

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory. Only Agents prepared to handle bad luck for the remainder of the day, or Agents with already abnormally high levels of good luck, are permitted to handle this artifact. Agents with temporarily high levels of bad luck are not permitted to handle the artifact.


  • Tearing the list will cause extreme bad luck as well.
    • The list will also repair itself wherever the last place the user left it.
  • The artifact will only affect one person at a time.
  • The extreme bad luck never seems to kill a user, but extreme injuries can occur.
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