Durov Brother's Safety Gloves


Anatoly and Vladimir Durov


Padded Safety Gloves


Causes animals to become tame and savage, respectively.




Contact with living animal.

Collected by

Warehouse 12 and Warehouse 13



Date of Collection

1901, 2015



Anatoly and Vladimir Durov (sometimes spelled Durow) were renowned 20th century animal trainers. They were members of the Durov family of performers who raised the quality and prestige of the Russian circus. Their mother, née Tereza Stadler, was a talented circus horse rider of German descent and owned the Bavarian Circus. Long and successful tours led her to make Russia her home. Their father, Anatoly Durov Sr., was born to an old noble family and broke with it to join a traveling troupe. Anatoly (Jr.) was a good acrobat, a magician, and a monologue reciter. Anatoly (Sr.) and Vladimir Durov were the first of the Durov clan to gain fame as circus entertainers.


These padded gloves were used by the brothers as they tamed and trained all manner of circus animals. The left glove was used by Vladimir, the less talented of the pair, and it reverts animals to a wild and uncontrollable state. The right glove was Anatoly's and soothes any animal to the point that it will obey any basic command.

Used in conjunction the gloves made for seemingly death-defying performances with 'savage' animals. 


Anatoly's glove was collected by Warehouse 12 agents and stored safely in 1902. Vladimir's was not collected until much later in 2015, though it was misplaced and avoided shelving until it was accidentally activated by Pete the Ferret.

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