Douglas Haig's Uniform
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Douglas Haig


Military Uniform


Fracturing into different duplicates to find a cohesive solution


Difficulty thinking near horses


Wearing during distress

Collected by

Agent Hugo Miller


Sun Tzu-28D





Date of Collection

March 17, 1977


Origin[edit | edit source]

Field Marshal Douglas Haig has the unfortunate honor of being regarded as one of the worst generals either side of World War One. The officer handled the Western Front for the final three years of slog, sending two million troops through the meatgrinder of the Somme, Ypres and the Final Hundred Days Offensive. Haig was old stock thinking – throw enough bodies until all the bullets were used up. Use man-and-horse cavalry charges against machine gun fire. Some historians even believe Haig intentionally falsified his diary entries to confuse the public about any lack in his leadership abilities.

Negative interpretations of Haig being an oaf began in the 1960s. Immediately after the armistice though, the folks back home considered him a competent commander among the minefield. Every general in the trenches then was a mess, and he was an exception just because his very costly attempts breached past enemy land. Pushing forwards with tank, artillery, soldiers, air power and cavalry broke through. Incompetent, optimistic, callous and dedicated are all conflicting verbs thrown together to describe Haig’s command.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Clones the user, each version behaving vastly different from the normal temperament. Some will be aggressive in satisfying their needs, others will require support of groups to implement their vision. All copies have one goal – find some way of solving the big underlying issues nagging at the activator. The extreme conflicting personalities are meant to test out multiple methods in search of a working plan. Once the collective feels they have reached a satisfying answer in parts, they recombine to make the information whole.

Most copies will approach a different situation or friend to cajole some enlightenment and avoid any reports of cross appearances. Pester or solve their problems, the clone won’t leave until they feel a breaking point is reached. Often causes confusion in ones confidantes from dealing with an alien one day and then normal ole Norm again the other. Happens to alienate lots of them. Also makes the user unable to form a proper line of thought when near horses. They scramble rational thinking every time, even when having a genius moment.

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