The Dough of Kolobok
Russian jar


Kolobok (East Slavic Fairy Tale)


Jar of Dough


Objects with dough smeared on them, change their molecular composition into gingerbread.


Effects can become irreversible if the process is complete.


Letting the smeared dough dry

Collected by

Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering




Aisle of Noel



Date of Collection

December 25th, 2013



The Kolobok, (traditional Russian and Ukrainian pie/ small bread), suddenly becomes animated and escapes from "babushka" and "dedushka"s (old wife and man) home. The fairy tale's plot describes Kolobok's repetitive meetings with various animals (rabbit, wolf, and bear) who intend to eat it, but Kolobok cunningly escapes. With each animal Kolobok sings a song in which he explains his escape deductively: "I got away from Grandmother, I got away from Grandfather, and I will certainly get away from you". The fox manages to catch and eat Kolobok through distracting him by praising his singing.

This jar contains the un-baked dough that originally made Kolobok and has been passed down throughout the Ankudinov family for over a hundred years.


If any objects smeared with the dough dries, it will slowly revert itself into gingerbread, changing it's molecular structure. If the process is set fully through, the object can never revert back.

The only way the effects will reverse is when fox hair is placed on the drying dough.


This artifact was collected from John Ankudinov who used the dough to rob a bank late at night in New York City.

It gained Warehouse 13's attention after a full police report on a New York bank robbery described that the First National Bank on West Douglynn Street somehow became a gingerbread house.

The dough was used by John Ankudinov whom was using the dough to gain money to pay off the family home where it was being foreclosed. John himself almost became a victim after threatening to place the dough on the home and owner of the bank, Christina M. Whipple. He was saved by his family whom used the tuff of hair of the fox that caught Kolobok on him before the dough fully transformed him.

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