Donn Beach's Cocktail Umbrella
Cocktail umbrella


Donn Beach


Cocktail Umbrella


Turns surrounding area into a luau


Excessive desire to drink and fraternize


Placing in an alcoholic beverage

Collected by

Warehouse 13


Holiday Section





Date of Collection

October 25, 1996



Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt started life out as a general drifter, settling in the City of Angels at the end of Prohibition. The booze started flowing again, so Gantt decided to capitalize with a new, never before seen business. He scoured the shores for washed up debris to dress up his bar like a Hawaiian resort, serving cocktails heavy on the rum and fruit liquor. A name fitting for such an establishment was needed as well, so he renamed himself “Don the Beachcomber”, eventually shortening it to Donn Beach.

His tiki bars became the craze for war stressed Americans during the 40s and 50s, giving them a relaxing vacation escape for a night. Don’s success lead to many copycat rivals, who all claimed to be original inventors of drinks including the zombie cocktail and mai tai.

All was smooth sailing until his divorce, where he lost the rights to open the business with his name anywhere in the country. Taking his loss in stride, he moved to a houseboat in Hawaii, owning a small-time restaurant and myna bird that constantly squawked “give me beer, stupid!”


To lighten the mood of any drab or dreary locale, this miniature umbrella turns the surrounding area into a giant luau, complete with all the festivities. Tikis, leis, coconuts, roasting pigs and goofy flower shirts galore will decorate the entire area, covering everything nearby in Hawaiian party décor. Even the air itself will feel tropical, with the smell of exotic flowers and wild bird calls flowing as a warm breeze encloses the effects to the direct area.

Caution: extended usage will cause an ungainly amount of partying and inebriation from guests, regardless of their original intentions.

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