Dong Zhiming's Vertebra Fossil


Dong Zhiming


Huayangosaurus Vertebrae


Vibrates over fossil deposits





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Warehouse 13



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Dong Zhiming is a Chinese vertebrate paleontologist formerly employed at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing. He began working at the IVPP in 1962, studying under Yang Zhongjian, who was director at the time. He has described fossil remains of many dinosaurs. He investigated and described the Dashanpu Formations; an important contribution to science since they are composed of Middle Jurassic beds which do not commonly yield fossils.

Dong Zhiming has discovered and described more than 42 genera of dinosaurs, of which 27 are still considered valid. A 2008 study found that Dong ranked fourth on a list of people responsible for naming the most dinosaurs; however, when only valid names were counted Dong ranked first, meaning he has named more species of dinosaur than anyone else in history.

One of Dong's co-leaders on the China-Canada Dinosaur Project, Dale Russell, once claimed that Dong was the best fossil hunter he'd ever met, saying "On any day of collecting, Dong will have two or three times as many as anyone else."


When above a significant deposit of fossils, the vertebra will begin to vibrate gently in the hands. It can be used as a sort of divining rod, vibrating more intensely when faced correctly and pulling downwards slightly when close.

Given his natural gift. it is strongly suspected that Zhiming worked on the artifact rather than the opposite, as there are no reports of him needing to personally use it.

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