Don Puz' Bicycle


Don Puz




Attempts to reach its owner.


Can cause neglected, abandoned, or lost objects to gain partial sentience and try to find their original owners


Always active

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Catalogued by Warehouse 13


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Date of Collection

Catalogued on March 17, 1994


​Origin[edit | edit source]

In the early 1950s, Don Puz from Vashon Island was gifted with ths bicycle after his family home burnt down. According to him, he didn't much care for the bike, as it had hard rubber tires, skinny handlebars, and was too small for a kid his size. In 1954, while he was out in the woods with his friends, he was the only one who had ridden his bicyle there. He ended up leaving the bike there, and walked home with his friends. Many years later, after the bicycle was found and made headlines, he returned and found it inside of a tree. However, he said nothing about having left it chained to a tree. And given the location of the bike within the tree and the manner in which trees actually grow, it's quite unlikely the bicycle ended up in its current position through the tree's naturally enveloping it and growing around it, as many viewers assume — almost certainly one or more persons had a hand in moving the bike after Don abandoned it back in 1954.  In 1994, the bike inspired Berkeley Breathed's book 'Red Ranger Came Calling.'

In reality, the bike, after having been abandoned by an owner who did not want it, became an artifact and gained sentience, and began to go through the forest in an attempt to reunite with its dissatisfied ex-owner. However, it got caught by several large roots, and became stuck where it stood, eventually becoming enveloped by a growing tree.

​Effects[edit | edit source]

The bicycle is constantly attempting to move and find Don Puz. Any objects within a large radius to the bike that have been neglected, abandoned, or simply lost and separated from their owners will gain their own partial sentience and will move in an attempt to find them.

Collection[edit | edit source]

While retrieval of the bicycle would be relatively easy, despite arousing the suspicion and attention of the public, the bike was not collected for several reasons. Firstly, it s unknown what the bike would do if ever reunited with Don Puz. With its sentience, it is feared that it may hold resentment towards the one who abandoned it, and it is to be prevented from moving at any time. Secondly, due to the huge quantity of artifacts within the Warehouse that were separated from their owners, any artifacts in proximity to the bicycle would immediately begin to move and would inevitably cause potentially massive and destructive artifact disturbances. Therefore, with it already safely contained in a relatively remote location with little risk of the activation of its secondary effect, it is to be kept where it is and monitored by installed hidden cameras and small Neutralizer sprinklers that douse the tree every few days.

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