Dmitry Pozharsky's Helmet
Helmet 14-15 krakow


Dmitry Pozharsky




Introduces external sum velocity into the subject


Long-term deceleration, making movement occur at glacial pace



Collected by

Igor Tverdislavsky


Sun Tzu-28D





Date of Collection

May 23, 1795



Prince Dmitry Pozharsky led the Second Volunteer Army alongside merchant Kuzma Minin against the Poles during the Time of Troubles. His campaigns would often settle in occupied cities for months even after they were already captured. Pozharsky often stopped along the route to pay religious rites at holy sites, engaging the enemy at his pace. A four-day fight for the Kremlin ended with a supply cutoff and a Moscow under Russian command. He was later in life inducted into the aristocracy, never quite matching his military achievements again.


Pozharsky waited too long to initiate sieges, marched soldiers slowly and constantly detoured in the face of tactical advantage. The reason his leadership overcame countless garrisons was his helmet. It became imbued with slowed encroach to military movement, and now inflicts it upon others.

Bystanders will feel their movement continually slow, like their body is almost being frozen in place. The lack of autonomy makes sufferers only able to witness events play around them while the wearer gains their momentum in exchange. Blurred movement is all one sees during their paused status, while the user rapidly bounds about until satisfied with their handicraft. Causes first-timers to suffer most acutely while repeats keep a larger percentage of their motion intact.


Collected by Igor Tverdislavsky from the living quarters of a Novgorod boyar. He had located the item within his family estate and revered its power to sneak around in search of his friends as a playful trickster. After his aunt fell into a frozen pond, he and Agent Tverdislavsky used it to rescue her at the cost of several fingers. The helmet was willingly relinquished in good faith.

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