Density Affecting High Striker
High striker




Carnival Game


Every time the hammer strikes something, the strength behind force of the blow multiplies.


As one continues to strike any surface with the hammer, it gets heavier the more powerful the hammer gets, to the point one cannot lift it


One must strike something with the hammer.

Collected by

Mr. Stall







Date of Collection




This is just a simple Strength Tester Machine that anyone could see at a carnival, most could date this particular machine back to the 1930's. It is said that the artifact came to be after many men were willing to try and prove their strength after being goaded by a carnie to win, and yet the carnie would fix the game to cause them to lose.


Mr. Stall was sent on case where it showed someone on camera breaking into a jewelry store with nothing more than what seemed to be a rubber hammer. After spending a few days scoping out each new crime scene that popped up, Mr. Stall started to notice that he was getting closer to catching the criminal as it seemed they were taking a lot longer to leave than they did at the start, where they would just break in and quickly flee. After finding out that an employee was fired from a few of the stores due to cut backs, Mr. Stall followed a man who he believed to be the criminal, only to find out it was the son who was committing the crimes based on the fact that his father was fired due to being a carnie, not because of cut backs.

So, Mr. Stall managed to beat the son to the next scene and realized the hammer was too heavy for the son to lift, which after a brief scuffle, he manage to take it. But since gooing it did not solve the problem he took the hammer to the father and found the high striker, which lead Mr. Stall to realize that the hammer and the game was a bifurcated artifact.

After learning that the father got the game for free after leaving the carnival, he kept it in storage, knowing that it was a rigged game and he didn't want to use it. Realizing he would have to use the hammer on the high striker, Mr. Stall got the father to "fix" the game and manage to reset the hammer back to normal by playing the game, striking the target but the bell never reached the top. Afterwards he and a few fellow agents transported the machine and hammer back to the Warehouse, where it is now safely stored.

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