Denis D'or
Clavecin electrique


Vaclav Prokop Divis


Electronic instrument


Discharges electricity when used.


The electricity can fry any person within a large radius.


Playing the instrument

Collected by

Warehouse 11 agents


Music Corner

Date of Collection

July 1, 1768


History Edit

The Denis D'or, created by Vaclav Prokop Divis, a Czech scientist, is considered to be the first electrical instrument ever invented. The Denis D'or was a creation which was intended to use electricity to create music.

Effects Edit

The Denis D'or has a keyboard-like structure, and can imitate the sounds of a variety of musical instruments. It also has 14 registers, which are two-fold. When certain keys are played, the instrument discharges electricity, and the more a person plays the more electricity will be produced. The electricity can fry any person within a 20-meter radius, though this radius can extend to up to 40 meters if a full song is played, so one must be careful when playing it.

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