Delphine LaLaurie's Whip
Slave whip


Madame Delphine LaLaurie




Moderate telekinesis to constrict movement and twist limbs


Abusive sadism towards one's dependents




Out and About List



Wealthy socialite Delphine LaLaurie had it all – N’Orleans mansion, third husband and bountiful nightlife. She also hid a horrible secret.

In 1834, a fire burned her home and the neighbors tried to help extinguish it. All were confused when none of her servants were present in the evacuation and LaLaurie told helpers to stop snooping. They later turned on her when they found her slaves, tortured and mutilated past starvation locked in the attic. Those alive had signs of continual abuse, some chained with broken limbs and infected wounds. Searches of the premises yielded more remains of other victims, including children. LaLaurie left for France after the public outcry, and disappeared; many of the slaves were put on display to verify the horrors committed, although what happened to them after is unknown. The mansion still stands as merely a shell of walls.


Grants moderate telekinesis over another person’s body, allowing them to be manipulated like a ragdoll. Strong focus can cause them to walk and open doors at best. Usually, it just injures the subject by twisting their joints in the wrong direction or cause severe malnutrition. For every instance undertaken, the user will become more aggressive and violent towards dependents. Abusive nigh-fatal behavior becomes regular.


Used by Milton Vernon Laswell among several other artifacts to murder under the guise of the Zodiac Killer. It remains unrecovered to this day and is a high priority for the irreparable harm it can inflict.

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