Declothing Sword
Spanish rapier replica.jpg


Unknown college fraternity


Sword (made around 446 AD)


Removes clothing articles until nude


Gradually strips user as well


Pointing at a person

Collected by

Artie Nielsen







Date of Collection

December 20, 1998


Effects[edit | edit source]

Pointing the sword at a target shreds their clothing off, leaving them completely naked. For every five people the user affects, they lose one piece of their clothing until they are naked themselves.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Discovered and collected from Kalamazoo, Missouri in 1998 after a teenager who stole the sword from a nearby college fraternity discovered its properties. The teen ran around, picking random targets around town to strip naked with the sword. By the time Artie arrived, the teen was almost completely naked himself, and seemed to be unaware that it was occurring.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The exact circumstances surrounding this artifact's creation is not quite clear. However, Artie believes that, based on its usage before the teen stole it, the artifact was passed from college fraternity to college fraternity, and that it was used as a tradition at one of these fraternities. Being a part of that tradition for a long time, the sword absorbed the tradition of the fraternity.
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