David Edward Sutch's Top Hat
Screaming lord sutch


David Edward Sutch


Top Hat


Causes teenage mindset


Maturation time-stop


Wearing during youth

Collected by

Hugo Miller


Ovoid Quarantine

Date of Collection

March 30, 1984



Known to media as the 3rd Earl of Harrow or more commonly, Screaming Lord Sutch. As a stargazed rock’n’roller, Sutch was an early performer of bizzare on stage musical acts with his band ‘’The Savages’’. His antics and not his singing voice attracted fans. Some were treated to Sutch entering stage via coffin; others saw a Roman legion recreation. At one point, Sutch bought a disused Thames military fort to broadcast his pirate radio station.

Outside musical mischief Sutch entered politics. Yes, the raving shenaningans under the Official Monster Raving Loony Party ran plenty of times for a parliament seat. A consummate go-getter, as he lost more than 40 separate ballots.


Wearing during adolescence halts mental maturity at their specific age level, barring any traumatic or life-altering events. They settle into the many typical behaviors associated with teens: lack of foresight, recklessness, crazy acts for social approval. However, it only enhances self-reflection and other growth aspects if the affected were already well on the path.

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