Dave Kunst’s Wagon
Dave Kunst’s Wagon
David and John Kunst in front of the wagon


Dave Kunst




Finds some method to travel towards user’s dream destination


Can unintentionally activate security measures


Contact with a wanderlust person

Collected by

Warehouse 13


Danger Room

Date of Collection

May 16, 2007



Dave Kunst literally walked into the record books, becoming the first person to have fully documented their travel across the world. With his brother John in tow, Dave was given a scroll for signatures, $1000 and one ornery mule to make the journey. They walked to New York, flew to Portugal and continued their trek throughout Europe. Figures like Princess Grace and Thor Heyerdahl enjoyed their quest as much as locals, who always threw them celebrations (even for the donkey). By the time they reached Turkey, they had switched to another mule, acquired a dog and started using a wagon to store all their supplies.

When they reached Afghanistan, John was fatally shot by bandits and Dave postponed the trip to recover from injuries. Dave regained the gusto to continue walking, starting again from the location John was killed alongside second brother Pete. Forced to skip the Soviet Union, Dave chartered a solo flight from India to Australia. After hitting a scrape of misfortune, Dave was on the verge of abandoning the trek until he encountered a helpful schoolteacher. They fell in love and married a year after he finished walking around the world.


Imbued with the unyielding desire to push further than possible and reach new locales, the wagon doggedly tries to get the user to their most fantasized place. The wagon itself will move without any input required and will continue by itself if the user is physically unable to make the trip. Many times, it will alter its method of transport to best maneuver around any obstructions like closed borders or traffic jams. Minor flight, turning into a submersible craft, camouflage as emergency vehicles, burrowing underground and extreme adhesion have all occurred within the past. Currently, several sandbags are compressing its mass from floating aimlessly in the air.

Although it intends to cause no harm, its ploys can sometimes trigger security alerts and upset volatile equipment. It’s tendency to take shortcuts through restricted areas and travel through quickly can also damage immediate structures.

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