Daniel Camargo Barbosa
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Daniel Camargo Barbosa


Manuel Bulgarin Solis


Serial Killer with knowledge of artifacts

Date of Incarceration


Collecting Agent

Several Warehouse 13 agents



Regent Determination

Indefinite Imprisonment

Release Date

Not Applicable


Biography[edit | edit source]

Daniel Camargo Barbosa (1930 - 1986 inc.) was a rapist and murderer who was suspected to killing 150 young girls in Columbia and Ecuador during the 1970s and 80s. It began when he met a woman (Esperanza) who he loved and planned to marry, when he found out she wasn't a virgin it enraged him. Before he could kill her she struck up a bargain to help him find and kill young women then drug them so Barbosa could rape them. After five victims in this style with no killings the last one turned them in getting them both arrested. Records state that after eight years in prison he was released but throughout that time they had a hard time keeping him in. One of the places that he loved was the library where he discovered his first artifact Hugo Grotius' Book Chest, after his third unexplained escape they released the information that he served his time before deporting him to Colombia.

After several more rapes and murders he was caught and placed in a Gorgona prison known as the Colombian Alcatraz. It was reported that he escaped by boat from the island but sunk and drowned, eaten by sharks. After the fact it was discovered that he had used Giacomo Casanova's Chunk of Black Marble to sharpen a spoon to break out, then he hid on the ferry off the island and escaped.

It was in Ecuador that he reunited with Esperanza who started helping him again. When he was arrested again she used Joseph Bolitho Johns’ Axe to free him without knowing why it did what it did. After that final escape he killed her in the same way he had done with all the others. Barbosa was arrested by two policemen in Quito in 1986. At his apartment they found proof of him murdering a nine-year-old girl along with Andre Devigny's Bedding and Lantern however the officers didn't realize what it was and took it into custody. Getting ready to deport him back to Columbia to face more jail time Warehouse agents got in contact with them, posing as Colombian Secret Service Agents to get custody. Instead of turning him over they brought him back to the Warehouse where he was bronzed for his evil ways and vast knowledge on escape artifacts. Evidence was doctored stating that Barbosa was killed in prison.

Artifacts Used or Collected[edit | edit source]

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