Dan Gurney's Moët & Chandon Bottle


Dan Gurney


Magnum of Moët & Chandon


When sprayed on someone, probability will be manipulated and they will experience the happiest day of their lives. Causes extreme elation in those sprayed.


Can only be used once a year per person.


Spraying/being sprayed on.

Collected by

Garrett Scott




((TBA by Elsa))


((TBA by Elsa))

Date of Collection

May 13, 2016



Daniel Sexton Gurney (born April 13, 1931) is a retired American racing driver, race car constructor, and team owner who reached racing's highest levels starting in 1958. In 1967, after winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans together with A.J. Foyt, he spontaneously sprayed champagne while celebrating on the podium to celebrate the unexpected win against the Ferraris and the other Ford GT40 teams. Gurney said later that he took great satisfaction in proving wrong the critics (including some members of the Ford team) who predicted the two great drivers, normally heated rivals, would break their car in an effort to show each other up. Gurney then handed the bottle over to notable LIFE photographer Flip Schulke, autographed,,who kept it as a lamp base for several decades and later returned it. It was then kept at Dan Gurney's All American Racers design and construction facility.


The bottle is always full of champagne. When opened, it automatically sprays itself over the nearest person or people until it is empty. Upon being re-corked, it will refill. Those who are sprayed will experience highly positive emotions for the next 24 hours. In addition to its mood-enhancing effects, the champagne is capable of manipulating probability so those sprayed will experience what they personally consider their "happiest day." However, the bottle will only work once a calendar year per person; any subsequent contact with the champagne will have no effects, and can even be consumed normally.


This artifact was collected from the All American Racers facility during a solo grab by Agent Scott. During collection, he was to replace the bottle with a duplicate. Later, while he was storing it on the proper shelf, it was accidentally shaken and uncorked, spraying him with its contents.


Consumption of the champagne during the day it will work seems to yield no more effects than simple contact with a person. Although those that do may report feeling even happier than usual, this may be chalked up to the alcohol's natural effects.

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