Dalek Costumes
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Terry Nation


Operable Props


Increases understanding of the world to infantile egocentrism


Pinpoints rage and terror into a destructive force


Contact and screeching “EXTERMINATE”

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

May 17, 2018


Origin[edit | edit source]

Terry Nation dreamt up the vitriol-and-brimstone race for Doctor Who while Raymond Cusick cobbled together the pepper pot carapace. As the Doctor’s most destructive enemy, the Daleks have become iconic for their laser-focused hatred. Nation, during the early episodes’ inception, imagined a specie representing Nazi violence – without mercy and bent upon destroying others deemed weak. Unblinking eyestalk, a cylindrical dome topped body and tinny, electronic voice made them utterly alien, without any familiar reference points or human warmth.

In the most aligned version of lore, the Daleks devolved into mutated squids and their lead scientist Davros devised a mobile life support unit turned tank. Daleks have only one goal: destroy all life. Their advanced warships, personal weaponry and time travel makes them only more dangerous. When the Doctor tried to prevent their creation, it sparked a final confrontation that ended with their destruction (and later rebirths). Often appearing as unyielding conquerors, the angry salt shakers have terrorized star systems with a rattling “EXTERMINATE!”

Effects[edit | edit source]

Through various retcons during their expansive ping-pong ball battered history, the hatred and power of Daleks have remained constant. Their technology is some of the most advanced in the universe, enabling a single Dalek to wipe out entire planets by sheer viciousness and intelligence.

To reflect their engineering prowess, each costume increases learning capacity. Like a child, they’ll understand new ideas on how the world operates at a faster implicit rate than their adult counterparts. Unfortunately, this young-gun temperament is translated equally to sheer naivety of the world. Anything that doesn’t fit their clamshell thinking literally cannot be understood, just as the Daleks are fully incapable of other emotional states.

Amplifies hatred and superiority until consumptive against all. No rational rhetoric or pity pleas can assail the subject’s unshakeable worship of their own power. Provocation? Your very existence. Rage builds to such an intensity, their very touch fries electronics and scrambles fleshy bits to pieces.

Storage and Handling[edit | edit source]

Stored in the Television Section at the opposite end of the aisle from the Cybermen Outfits. To date, three costumes are stored in the Warehouse, although there could be more. All Costumes are stored on the lowest shelf and are each chained to the shelves with neutralizer-infused high-grade steel chains. Each Costume is also covered with a neutralizer cloth to help prevent accidental activation.

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory, and Agents are required to have an emotional test beforehand to make sure they are not steeped in aggressive negative emotion before handing. It is also noted that this artifact should never be handled at the same time as the aforementioned Cybermen Outfits.

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