Daedalus' Slate
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Creates a labyrinth maze


Those inside can become quickly disoriented if the space beforehand is unfamiliar


Electronic code input

Collected by

Warehouse 3


Floor Architecture

Date of Collection

240 AD


Origin[edit | edit source]

Daedalus was an inventor who, along with his son Icarus, was trapped on the island of Crete by King Minos, withholding their knowledge of his Minotaur from the outside world. Daedalus designed the Labyrinth in order to contain the beast.

In a rare occurance of one artifact directly creating another, the slate imprinted some of its power into the Cretan Labyrinth Archway.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Integrated into the Warehouse floor, creates labyrinthine walls twenty meters tall in the event of mass artifact disturbance. This corrals every artifact that can’t fly, teleport, burrow, become intangible or destroy the barrier. However, if a mass artifact disturbance is causing strong electrical activity or if the neutralizing systems are damaged, the walls may stop at only a few meters.

The artifact was crudely used by past Warehouses to wall off specific sections such as the Bronze Sector. Today, it is controlled by the input of an electronic code, which can also activate the slate in only specific aisles of the Warehouse in case of emergency.

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