Cybermen Outfits
One of the shows many incarnations of Cybermen


Doctor Who




Bonds itself to the user's skin and forces the user recreate costume and make more Cybermen. Also removes all emotion from the user.



Collected by

Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering






33623-3362-188 through 33623-3362-190

Date of Collection

February 13, 2017


These outfits were used on the set of the hit British Sci-Fi TV show, "Doctor Who." In the show, the Cybermen are recurring villains and a race of cybernetic organisms that wander the galaxy in an attempt to create more Cybermen through conversion.

History[edit | edit source]

The Cybermen have existed since the first incarnation of the main character, the Doctor, and are indirectly responsible for the First Doctor's death by heart attack. Originally, the Cybermen were natives of Mondas, Earth's twin. However, as Mondas drifted further from the sun, the Cybermen turned to cybernetics to stay alive. As the natives converted their bodies, they slowly lost their emotion until they were completely devoid of all emotions. They then proceeded to attack the Earth in an attempt to convert all of Earth's population into more Cybermen. Ever since this first encounter, they have attacked the Doctor and the Earth, making them one of the Doctor's greatest opponents. In the new series, they have returned in an alternate earth in the guise of the creation of a dying inventor in a bid for eternal life. Whatever the origin story, the Cybermen have become one of the most dangerous species in the Doctor Who universe.

Effects[edit | edit source]

These artifacts remain inactive until they are put on. Upon being put on, they immediately bond themselves to the user's skin, overriding their desires and turning them into emotionless beings. The outfit has a strong desire to create more of itself, and they compel the wearer to create more.

Unlike other artifacts, these outfits become artifacts of their own, retaining the same properties as the originals and extending the bifurcation every time. The suits themselves are unresponsive to neutralizer while they are actively controlling wearers. Wearers must be knocked out or killed, at which point the suits can be surgically removed.

It should be also be noted that, due to the complexities of the outfit's bonding, artifact surgery performed by the Warehouse Doctor is highly recommended, as the wearers can be soaked in a neutralizer bath during surgery. If wearers should happen to wake up during surgery, the neutralizer bath does prevent reactivation of the Outfits.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Four of these outfits were on display at a museum in London, England. One night two cat burglars broke in to steal valuable objects when one thief decided it would be funny to don on one of the costumes. The costume connected itself to the thief who proceed to knock his partner unconscious and forced one of the other costumes onto his partner. These two Cybermen began to create more Cybermen outfits by scrapping and melting metal items around them and reshaping them to form more outfits. Following this incident, the Cyber-thieves were caught , given surgeries to remove the suits, and sent to prison. Currently, twelve Cybermen outfits reside in the Warehouse.

Storage and Handling[edit | edit source]

Stored in the Television Section. The shelving units have had special glass placed in front to discourage any curious Agents from trying them on.

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory. Agents handling the Artifacts must be reminded to NOT try them on prior to any interaction with these artifacts.

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