Cretan Labyrinth Archway
Cretan Keystone


Daedalus/King Minos


Archway Keystone


Creates a twisting and inescapable labyrinth


Walls constantly change, making navigation almost impossible


Setting in place atop doorway

Collected by

Unknown, presumably Warehouse 1 or Warehouse 2


Escher Vault

Date of Collection




In Greek Mythology, the great architect Daedalus was imprisoned by King Minos of Crete and forced to build a colossal labyrinth to house the Minotaur, a monster birthed by his wife. The story says that Daedalus and his nephew Icarus were imprisoned in the Labyrinth after it's completion.

In reality, Daedalus used the power of another artifact, his slate, to infuse the entrance to the Labyrinth with the power to distort the rooms and corridors beyond into a twisted maze.

During the construction of Warehouse 13, M.C. Escher repurposed itin the construsction of the Escher Vault.


When the keystone of the arch is set in place above a doorway, the room beyond stretches and distorts until it forms a massive labyrinth. The walls and stairs constantly change positions, making navigation and escape almost impossible.

It is used in conjunction with M.C. Escher's Mirror Ball to create the distorted and twisted Escher Vault.

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