Corbels from the Church of St Mary and St David
The Hound and Hare Corbel


Church of St Mary and St David of Kilpeck in Herefordshire, England


Various stone corbels




Will attack those who deface the church


Attacking the church

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Catalogued by Warehouse 12


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Date of Collection

Catalogued in 1901


​Origin[edit | edit source]

Constructed around 1140, this church is famous for it's Norman carvings. To ths day, 85 of its orginal 91 corbels survive. The corbels, mostly depicting various creatures, have an unspecific meanng, though it is assumed some creatures depicted are from a bestiary, and one even depicts a Sheela na Gig.

These corbels were responsible for protecting the church from would-be Puritan defacers during the 17th century.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Each corbel is capable of animating; those with full-body images of animals will have the animals depicted come out of the stonework and interact with the real world. Those with incomplete bodies, such as the dragon heads, will stay in place, though still moving and capable of breathing fire. The corbels are activated when the church is in danger of damage, which triggers the creatures to animate and attack those who disturb the site in order to protect it and themselves.

Collection[edit | edit source]

These corbels were catalogued during the reign of Warehouse 12 in 1901. To remain respectful to the church, avoid the wrath of the artifacts, and since they harmed nobody who did not harm the church, they were left on-site,

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