Coraline Jones' Doll
Coraline Doll
"This thing's a soul-consuming lotus eater." - Aden






Creates illusions of a perfect world with three 'wonders' created just for them.


If not deactivated in under 5 nights, the user's soul will be consumed. Eyes will turn completely black and begin to resemble a button.


Physical and Eye Contact

Collected by

Agent Aden Taylor


The Restricted Chamber


Placement #4

Date of Collection

Spring 2013



A doll made of cloth and filled with sawdust. Blue yarn hair with a dragonfly hairclip. Wears a striped shirt, dark pants and yellow raincoat and boots. Has black buttons for eyes.


Unknown. Inspired the story of Coraline.


Agent Aden Taylor collected this one himself after hearing of the effects. He immediately headed out alone to acquire it after explaining the storyline of the Coraline film.

He quickly determined what to do after a failed bagging, and instructed the victim that what he was seeing was dangerous.

After helping the victim escape, he bagged the doll and was told to take it and lock the doll away.


Looking into the doll's eyes while holding it will cause the user to hallucinate of a perfect life. Over the course of three nights, the victim will experience three 'wonders' specifically tailored to them and them alone, typically involving family and neighbors. When he or she falls asleep in the illusion, they will wake up the next morning in their own bed, finding their real life to be a bit ... duller (if that's the proper word) each time.

The only clue that it's not real is that the people will appear to have black button eyes identical to those of the doll. It is very difficult, but not impossible, to escape the visions during the first three. During this process, the doll will slowly morph into the appearance the owner had when they first made eye contact.

If they don't escape after the fourth, outside help is required. If it does not work, the victim's soul will be consumed by the doll. When the effects stop, the doll will instantly revert to its dormant appearance.


The doll is based off the one seen in the film Coraline.


  • When a soul is consumed, the victim's eyes take on the appearance of having black buttons sewn into them.
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