Conrad Haas' Nozzle


Conrad Haas




When attached to anything gives that item a rocket boost


Volume created renders user deaf for two days


Attaching to an object

Collected by

Agent Grainger, K.







Date of Collection

July 17, 1945


Origin[edit | edit source]

Conrad Haas (1509 - 1576) was a Transylvanian Saxon military engineer for the Kingdom of Hungary and Principality of Transylvania. He was a pioneer of rocket propulsion, included in his designs was a three-stage rocket and even the concept for a manned rocket. When writing papers he'd include designs for rocket technology, involving the combination of fireworks and other weapons technologies. His work also dealt with the theory of motion in multi-stage rockets, different fuel mixtures and introducing delta-shaped fins and bell-shaped nozzles.

Collection[edit | edit source]

This artifact was originally collected by Subhas Chandra Bose and later recovered by Warehouse agent Katherine Grainger July 17, 1945.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Having the residual effects of countless tests of rocket propulsion, Haas' nozzle is able to add an extra boost to energy at the risk of deafness. At first it was disregarded and placed in the proper location however the artifact gets excited if not used and flies up into the air. When it hits the ceiling it returns to its spot but the mess of the takeoff is still there. To prevent this it needs to be used once a year. Since its efects are not permanent some Agents have tried to attach it to different things, including a bicycle, car, motorcycle, wheelchair and even a toaster.

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