Clint Malarchuk's Blood-Stained Jersey
Clint Malarchuk's Blood-Stained Jersey


Clint Malarchuk


Hockey Jersey


Causes profuse bleeding from major arteries


Aggravates extant psychological issues


Wearing while interacting with a sporting event

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Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

November 3, 2015



Clint Malarchuk is a former NHL goaltender during the 1980s. It was at one game where his Buffalo Sabres were playing against the St. Louis Blues that he sustained a serious, almost fatal injury. A fellow player’s ice skate had slipped on the ice and connected with Malarchuk’s neck, slicing the carotid artery and jugular vein open. He immediately began pooling out blood in seconds, forcing television networks to scramble and pull the broadcast off air. The athletic trainer, a former Army medic, applied pressure to his neck to restrict the blood flow and pulse until an ambulance could transport him to the hospital. Malarchuk survived, but he lost 1.5 liters of blood from the accident and took 300 stitches to close the six-inch wound. His performance worsened over the years due to the traumatic experience, worsening his childhood obsessive-compulsive disorder and plunging him into nightmares and alcoholism. He attempted suicide in 2006 due to overwhelming psychological stress but survived; Malarchuk has since gone to rehabilitation therapy and now speaks about physical and psychological injury.


Wearing while participating in a sporting event (i.e. coordinating, playing, watching) will cause the subject to bleed heavily from any large source of blood collection or passage. Unless given immediate medical assistance, they are likely to enter a shock or coma from the traumatic amount of blood lost. However, it has been noted that getting even the tiniest amount of a blood transfusion will replicate it inside the body and stop the injury. The user afterwards will suffer from magnified versions of any pre-existing psychological disorders or negative behaviors.

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