Clementine's Ballcap
Clementine's Ballcap


TellTale's The Walking Dead, Season 1


Well-worn baseball cap with a 'D' on it


People nearby and acquainted with the wearer feel obligated to protect the wearer


The wearer's ignorance is removed as the are forced to see the rough, unfair side of the world; additionally, the wearer is forced into morally challenging choices.






TellTale Games: 2012 Edit

As the popularity of the TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman's 'The Walking Dead' grew in popularity, Telltale acquired the rights to make an episodic and story-driven game based in the same universe as the comic series.

While the first season primarily focused on the character of Lee Everet, the players were tasked with taking care of an 8 year old girl named Clementine whose parents were out of town when the dead started to rise. Unlike other escort mission quests, players began to form a strong bond to the fictional girl and were motivated to keep her alive. It was the idea that by season two, an eleven year old girl would have to be extremely mature to survive in the unforgiving undead apocalypse that made her very unique.

This fanbase for the girl lead to her being the main protagonist in the second season of TellTale's 'Walking Dead' game, featuring her as the lead and trying to make her way in the world with the lessons she learned in season one.

The love for Clementine's character lead to the creation event of this artifact, as a simple ball cap became imbued with the franchise's love for Clementine. The hat makes the wearer a person that acquaintances with defend greatly, but also opens the wearer's eyes to the harsh reality of the world and forcing them in to hard choices that will have repercussions.

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