Claus von Stauffenberg's Suitcase


Claus von Stauffenberg




Causes a massive conflagration


Leaves the intended target unharmed


Proximity to a target

Collected by

Warehouse 13


Sun Tzu-28D





Date of Collection

November 1, 2005



Claus von Stauffenberg was a German officer and nobility member who conspired with fellow members of the German resistance to assassinate Adolf Hitler and destabilize the power of the Nazi Party. Although Stauffenberg liked the patriotic expansion of German military power, he could not reconcile those victories with the increasing distaste he had for Hitler’s policies and prevalent human rights abuses. His forces fought in Poland, Russia and Tunisia under the Panzer tank divisions until the September of 1943. While recovering in a hospital, he encountered certain individuals willing to overthrow the powers with a coup to prevent further bloodshed.

Officially sanctioned as Operation Valkyrie, it would allow Stauffenberg’s group to receive national leadership if communication between the military and government was severed. (Ironically, the original government version was expressly signed by Hitler had the reverse effecr, to allow quick ascendance of the Reich in emergency). Taking place on 20 July 1944, Stauffenberg and many other high-ranking Nazi officials were gathered in an open hut, rather than Hitler’s personal bunker as first planned. Two bombs were brought in suitcases, although time constraints and Stauffenberg’s own personal injuries resulted in only priming one. By the time the bomb detonated, all except Hitler were either injured or dead, protected by a thick oak table. For his involvement, Staffenberg was killed by firing squad along with his fellow compatriots.


When placed near a specified person, the suitcase will detonate in a massive explosion at an unspecified time. The blast will be powerful enough to crack support walls and cause heavy burns on anyone within the zone. However, the resulting carnage always avoids the intended target, moving around them to inflict the damage upon those nearby.

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