Chyren's Rapier
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Jean Deleaval/ The Priory of Sion Secret Society




Whoever is hurt by weapon will cry blood


User becomes paranoid of everyone around them



Collected by

Agent Jacob Torres







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Origin[edit | edit source]

Jean Deleaval also known as Chyren was the de facto leader of a secret society called the Priory of Sion. The main belief behind the society was that they were the guardians of the Bloodline of Jesus meaning that members' purpose in life was to seek out and protect the heir of Jesus. They were to remain in the background, not stepping out unless the heir was in trouble. Sometimes there were news reports on how someone was lucky to be alive, six out of ten times that was because an outside source was going to harm a member of the bloodline and a Priory of Sion stepped in. Some scripture was discovered in the ruins of Talpiot Tomb, where Jesus was buried and said to have risen. The words explained that Chyren along with several other members had a meeting. The only other details that could be deciphered was that Chyren left with the child of Mary Magdalene but there was nothing saying why or where he went. Along the wall there was a basic drawing of the meeting, all the men in robes had some sort of sword at their waist. It can be assumed that they weren't swords but rapiers

Effects[edit | edit source]

Whoever is hurt by weapon will cry blood, like all secret societies the user becomes paranoid of everyone around them

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