Chung Ling Soo's Plate


Chung Ling Soo - a.k.a - William Ellsworth Robinson


Pure white plate


Can not be broken. Acts as a shield, protecting holder's front from harm. Any object designed to harm user that is separate from other matter (i.e. a bullet, throwing knife, etc.) will be caught on the plate, leaving no marks.


Only protects user's front. Only protects against a projectile three times.


Holding, having a harmful object go towards the user.

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"Chung Ling Soo" was the stage name of the American magician William Ellsworth Robinson (April 2, 1861– March 24, 1918) who is mostly remembered today for his tragic death after a bullet catch trick went wrong.

During his early career, William Ellsworth Robinson called himself "Robinson, the Man of Mystery". To increase his allure with a touch of exoticism, he changed his name to "Chung Ling Soo" and took his show to Europe. He took the name as a variation of a real Chinese stage magician - Ching Ling Foo - and performed many of the tricks that Foo had made famous. Chung Ling Soo maintained his role as a Chinese man scrupulously. He never spoke onstage and always used an interpreter when he spoke to journalists. Only his friends and other stage magicians knew the truth.

His life inspired the opera The Original Chinese Conjuror in 2006, by Hong Kong born British composer, Raymond Yiu.


The plate acts as a shield against all form of projectiles, from daggers to bullets. As long as the object would make contact with the plate, the projectile stops immediately upon contact. The downside to this indestructable shield is that it will only shield against a given projectile in sets of three. After the third projectile, the forth will pass through the plate as it becomes temporarily intangible.

The trio is not effected by neutralizing, and the current number of blocks is recorded on the info tag. It is the responsibility of whoever uses the third block to then use the forth, resetting it for the next user.

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