Christopher Robin Milne's Sketchpad
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Christopher Robin Milne




Allows the user to enter the world of a book or story


Is very hard to escape


Reading a book while holding the pad

Collected by

James MacPherson


Trap Aisle





Date of Collection

November 11, 1984



Christopher Robin Milne was the son of A. A. Milne, author of the Winnie the Pooh stories; he based the character Christopher Robin on his son. While he loved the stories, based on his stuffed animals, as a child, he grew to despise the recognition in later life. His childhood joy is what turned this sketchpad full of doodles into an artifact.

After her infiltration and near destruction of the Warehouse, Gloria von Dichi managed to seal herself within a fairy tale. Warehouse personnel have not released her and have determined she is now considered in a calm, non-threatening state under Warehouse jurisdiction.


When a book is read while the pad is open nearby, the person is drawn into the world of the story. The affected will be able to interact with a pocket dimension created by the book, able to interact with characters and locations as if they were there. As they do, passages and illustrations of the book will alter to accommodate them.

They can escape the book by resolving the story, though they may choose to stay if they desire. It's noted that each book is considered unique, and exiting one book and entering another copy of the same will 'reset' the story. Once a story has been altered, it will stay that way once the affected leaves, and subsequent re-visits will behave as if the affected never left.

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