Christopher's Reeves Superman Cape


Christopher Reeve


Red cape


Upon touch, the nerves along the user's spines begin to die out, causing the user to loose the ability to use their legs


If not neutralized, the effect will move up the spine until it reaches the base of the skull, rendering them a quadriplegic



Collected by

Consultants Tyler Lepido, Bri Rependata, and Matt Sordens







Date of Collection



1995: Martha's Vineyard[edit | edit source]

Although allergic to horses, Christopher Reeve became a excellent horseman, that is until May 27th when his horse made a refusal, causing him to fall to the ground and giving him a cervical spinal injury, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down.

Having a close connection to his Superman costume, his cape in turn absorbed the pain and suffering of his injury.

Today: Blackpool Dance Festival[edit | edit source]

When dancers in the Paso Doble catagory were suddenly become parapelegics, Warehouse Consultants Tyler Lepido, Bri Rependata, and Matt Sordens were called in with Matt and Bri going undercover as dancers in the Paso catagory.  Not having many leads to go off of, Tyler took most of the workload as Matt and Bri began a 48-hour challenge to learn their dance to 'This Place Is bout To Blow' by Kesha.

Things went awry when Matt became affected by the artifact's effects after trying on his outfit for the dance.  Seeing how they had to keep from having their cover as government agents from being blown to the other competitors, Tyler had to take his place. During their dance, Tyler became affected as well, throwing his balance off, leading Bri to figure out that it was the cape used by each of the male dancers and contact with it was causing the dancers to loose control of their muscles. This revelation lead the agents to the costume manager who was using the cape to allow his son to win the competition.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0105 'Leave It On The Dancefloor'[edit | edit source]
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