Christopher Müller’s Gold Tooth
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Christopher Müller’s Gold Tooth Hoax


Golden dental crown


Anything bitten by the user will become solid gold


Also works on food, and has a tendency to get stuck


Wearing over a tooth and biting down on an object

Collected by

Sam Wyatt



Date of Collection

August 24th, 1945



Christopher Müller was a seven year old boy in Silesia, which is now mostly in the country of Poland. The year was 1593 and reports circulated that the boy had grown a tooth of pure gold out of his gum. After being verified by several scholars it was authenticated, only to later been found to be a hoax. It was to be recorded as history's first gold dental crown.


When the dental crown is worn over a tooth the user will have the power to turn anything into gold with a simple bite. The actual tooth wearing the crown doesn't have to touch the object, but any of the user's teeth.

However, just like fable of King Midas, the effects also work on food and water. As long as the user wears the crown he/she will not be able to naturally consume food without it turning into gold. Users will have to stay hydrated intravenously. The gold cap also has the tendency to get stuck, requiring neutralization. It is suggested to not have it in one's mouth for more than a few minutes at a time. It has also been requested to dunk the cap in mouthwash after each use for hygienic purposes.


This artifact was originally found by Subhas Chandra Bose during World War 2. It was collected by agent Sam Wyatt, along with the other numerous artifacts that Bose had gathered for the Axis Powers. Bose is now in the Bronze sector.

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