Christmas Lights from the Rockefeller Tree
"We wish you a merry Christmas, aggressively." - Claudia Donovan


Rockefeller Center Christmas of 1944


Christmas Tree Lights


Release positive emotions


Non-reactive to neutralizer during December


Lighting them

Collected by

Felix Draco


Aisle of Noel



Since 1933, the Rockefeller Center in New York City has erected a large evergreen tree for the Christmas holiday. Though the tradition actually started two years prior by the center's construction workers, who pooled their money together to get a tree, this artifact is from 1944, when due to WWII black out regulations, the Rockefeller tree was not allowed to be lit.


Imbued with the New York City community's desire to see a lit tree and the Rockefeller Center to spread Christmas tree, this string of 2745 lights radiates positive emotions whenever they are turned on. The strand also grows longer each year with the addition of a new bulb, and is so insistent on remaining on that will not allow itself to be turned off during the month of December.

A section of these lights can be seen in The Greatest Gift.

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