Christine Skubish's Toy Blocks
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Christine Skubish


Toy Blocks


Can temporarily return the dead as ghosts


User may experience hallucinations and dissociation from reality



Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

April 9, 2007


Origin[edit | edit source]

Christine Skubish and her three-year-old son Nick were involved in a car accident in June 1994 along Highway 50 in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in California. She was a single mother who had recently earned her paralegal certification and was also hopeful about marrying her son’s father. She left her family’s home near Sacramento on June 5, 1994 and was reported missing on June 8 by Dave Stautzenbach, her stepfather, who called the police to make a missing-persons report on her disappearance.

Christine's whereabouts were deduced by a patrolman reacting on a paranormal vision on Highway 50 by a local woman named Deborah Hoyt. Five days after the crash, Deborah and her husband drove along the same stretch of road and were startled by what they claimed was a naked woman on the side of the road. Deborah and her husband immediately called cops to the scene. Police canvassed the area and found the son, Nick, alive and coherent, but they unfortunately came upon the dead body of his mother Christine. It was suspected that Christine had risen from the dead to protect her son and had appeared to the Hoyts in an effort to get them to call police.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Two wooden blocks with numbers on them; they were found at the site of the car crash that killed her on impact and almost killed her son. The blocks have properties similar to Houdini's Wallet: they transfer someone's will, enough will to allow someone to temporarily return from the dead as a corporeal ghost. The 'user' of the blocks can also induce hallucinations. While the blocks belonged to her son, the artifact was created due to Christine's will and determination to make sure that her son made it out of the crash alive. The artifact seems to have transferred Christine's willpower into her son, somehow keeping him alive for five days.

This was the artifact responsible for the apparitions of James MacPherson after his death.

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