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Chris Gardner decided to forego a medical degree and quit his sales jobs while trying to take care of his young son. The position originally offered to him was cancelled, and his wife took custody of Chris Jr. To add insult, Gardner had to spend 10 days in prison for $1200 in unpaid parking tickets. He managed to enter a low-level firm position, pass his qualification exam first try and became guardian to his son again.

Gardner pursued stockbrokerage while on the verge of poverty. Whatever work he finished was snuck between rushing junior to daycare and searching for shelter - the office, parks, soup kitchens and public transport. His fortunes turned when he became a top performer for Bear Stearns and later founded his own firms.

Gardner now travels as a motivational speaker, creating housing and job opportunities for the homeless of San Francisco and Chicago. His triumphs over struggle were depicted by Will Smith and his son Jaden in the 2006 film ‘’The Pursuit of Happyness’’.


Causes luck-related oscillations. Will cause a string of good or bad breaks, each compounding the magnitude of future events. Each outcome is based on the events they were already performing at that point, only shifting the a few conditions per instance. Random events only happen when someone breaks a habit for something unexpected. Placing on a car makes the owner more resilient to turmoil and helps them weather out the shallow times easier.

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