Chinese Doubling Pot
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Chinese fable


Large iron Cauldron


Creates a duplicate of anything placed inside of it.


Does not duplicate the effects of artifacts


Placing something into the pot

Collected by

Warehouse 7 Agents



Date of Collection

1219 AD - 1260 AD



One day, a poor Chinese farmer was tilling his field. He heard his spade hit metal. He started to dig and found a large cooking pot. Thinking it could be useful, he threw his spade into the pot and brought it back his wife. When they looked inside they saw that instead of one spade, there were two. They experimented with the pot, placing coins, bread, and chickens in the pot. Each time, they received double what was put in. They grew prosperous, and drew the attention of a nearby king. The greedy king discovered the powers of the pot, and stole it. He decided to duplicate his crown, and threw it into the pot. When he tried to retrieve it, he fell in. Another king arose from the pot. As there were now two kings and only one country, they fought over the throne. They eventually destroyed each other, and the poor farmer took the throne.


When an object is placed into the pot and then taken out again, an exact duplicate of the object will be inside the pot when the user turns around.

However, when used with artifacts it has been found that the artifact's effects are not duplicated as well.


The pot was collected sometime during the Mongol empire. Since then the pot has been used to create duplicates of artifacts that must be taken through stealth.

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