Chief Tecumseh's Robes


Chief Tecumseh




Negatively affects those directly tied to the American government




Unknown/Already Activated

Collected by

Warehouse 11







Date of Collection

October 28, 1813


Origins[edit | edit source]

These traditional robes are gloriously decorated, and according to Warehouse reports, remained unfaded until the Warehouse snagged it (simultaneously with when Ronald Reagan took office). Their original owner, Chief Tecumseh, was a Shawnee Chief renowned for his involvement in the War of 1812, and also well known for his tumultuous relationship with William Henry Harrison. Harrison, then governor of Indiana, inspired the ire of Chief Tecumseh through the governors organizing of the Fort Wayne Treaty amongst other Native American tribes, which promised them large amounts of money in exchange of land.

So enraged was he by this treaty that Chief Tecumseh rose to a new level of political involvement, and thus began his and his brother's efforts to rally support against the American government. His brother, Tenskwatawa, otherwise known as the Prophet, is in part responsible for the creation of this artifact. In the aftermath of the Battle of Thames, after Harrison had won and gained considerable fame, the Prophet laid a curse on Harrison and all future members of the White House, using his brother's robes as the foundation of the curse.

Effects[edit | edit source]

It radiates a bitter and outraged energy towards governmental authority, and is seemingly responsible for the Presidential deaths attributed to the curse. It's stored in the Samhain Sector because the area is better equipped to handle cursed objects that affect things outside the Warehouse.

( Note: Techumseh was never a chief he was a warrior. Shawnee had a strict cast system with five septs. You could not alter your status and Techumseh could never become a chief. But he was a great leader and statesman for the Shawnee nation. )

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