Chicago May's Lipstick


Chicago May aka Mary Anne Duignan




Allows the wearer to seduce and pickpocket anyone


Seductive allure quickly wears off after a few minutes



Collected by

Warehouse 13 Agent



Date of Collection

May 29th, 1929


Origin[edit | edit source]

Chicago May, born Mary Anne Duignan, was an Irish immigrant who came to America after robbing her parents of their life-savings. She gained great fame for her crime sprees in America and the UK. She was known as "The Queen of Crooks", and was famous for soliciting prostitution only to pickpocket her targets. After a string of failed relationships and being sentenced to jail for 15 years she moved to Detroit to try to start up her crime career again. When that failed she attempted to sell her autobiography, which failed to bring her much money. She died in poverty in 1929.

Usage[edit | edit source]

When applied the user may seduce and pickpocket anyone. Even if caught stealing the victim will feel too love-drunk to care. Some male agents have used the lipstick by making a small dot on their arm, so actually seeing the lipstick is not part of its activation.

Collection[edit | edit source]

The lipstick was being used by an aspiring female crook to briefly seduce men and then steal their wallets. Confusing reports from the police caused a "blip" on the Warehouse radar. One man claimed that he actually saw her take his wallet, but was so enamored by her that he didn't care until she had been gone for several minutes.

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