Charred Crane from Greene County Oil Well Fire
Flaming well aerial.jpg


Greene County Well Explosion


Mechanical Crane


Lengthens explosions


Damages safety equipment


Proximity to an active worksite

Collected by

Warehouse 13



Date of Collection

September 12, 2015


Origin[edit | edit source]

Pennsylvania has a long-held reputation as a prime shale oil hotspot. Unfortunately, a gas leak and resulting fire in 2014 detonated an entire worksite. Investigations found faulty wellhead equipment to be the cause of the explosion, which jumped the boundaries and ignited another well. For five days.

In the ensuing chaos, several workers were injured and a contractor was killed in the blast. Methane gas poured freely for days from the surface. Capping equipment was present, but they lacked trained operators to use them. And the Department of Environmental Protection was blocked by corporate from approaching the burning site. Chevron was fined for nearly a million dollars, sued for five and found to be in violation of nine different safety standards.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Lengthens the duration of any explosive blast, creating a sustained fireball in most cases. The bubble expands to its maximum size and just radiates pure heat and light akin to a second sun. Even makes firearms keep heating up after the gunpowder sparks, and cause car engines to operate endlessly on a few drops of gasoline. Often causes faults to suddenly appear in safety equipment, causing them to fail during moderate usage.

Storage[edit | edit source]

Disassembled into burned metal pieces after the investigation concluded. Currently housed in a storage container to keep any accidental activation contained in one area.

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