Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Wallpaper
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Charlotte Perkins Gilman




Causes depression


May enter a psychosis like state



Collected by

Tabitha Hernandez







Date of Collection

June 12, 1996


Description[edit | edit source]

They are numerous strips and scraps of smouldering, unclean, and faded yellow wallpaper. There are splotches all over the pieces and they are perpetually moist.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a writer and feminist who helped break the notions of what women in her time could do. These remnants comprised the paper of the room Gilman was confined to by her husband during her plight with postpartum depression and were key to the events in her short story "Yellow Wallpaper".

Effects[edit | edit source]

People who even glance upon a piece are compelled to pick it up and run their hands over it. The moist splotches will stain the holder's hand(s) with a yellow color. This stain infects the skin and enters the bloodstream, affecting the brain to induce depression by drawing out a very depressing moment from the victim's past. The severity of the event and how long ago it was determine the initial degree of the depression.

The victim will be compelled to confine themself to a sparsely decorated room. The "infection" will spread and progress (faster if a wallpaper piece is on-hand), causing the victim's depression to deepen. They then fixate on whatever is in the room, eventually descending into a Gollum-like state of psychosis. A specially made Neutralizer patch will contain and reverse the infection-stain, but the psychological impacts must be dealt with by the victim. There are still a small number "in circulation".

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