Charles VI’s Pillow


Charles VI of France




Effects. Cause random bouts of insanity, especially violent acts toward family members.


Slowly turns the user into glass


Sitting on


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Charles VI, member of the House of Valois, was king of France from 1380 until his death in 1422. At age 11 during the Hundred Years, War, he inherited the throne. At this time, his uncles ruled the government but the dukes drained all the funds that had been set aside for the kingdom. In 1388 Charles VI dismissed his uncles and brought back to power his father's former advisers, known as the Marmousets.

The kingdom slightly improved, but then Charles suffered a sudden bout of insanity, killing four knights and almost his brother, Louis of Orléans. From then on, he suffered panic attacks where he believed he was made out of glass and wore protective clothing to prevent accidental shattering. He would also attack servants or run until exhaustion, wailing that his enemies threatened him. Unable to concentrate or make decisions, political power was taken away from him by the princes of the blood, which caused much chaos and political conflict in France.


The user’s skin will slowly crystallize into glass. Instead of protecting the user from accidental cracking, the pillow actually starts the process. The effects are intermittent and can last for long periods of time. When not consciously thinking about their transformation, the person will suffer from periods of madness. During this time they are unable to work properly and will become extremely harmful to their family members.

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