Charles Pearson's Tin-Can Phone
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Charles Pearson


Tin-Can Telephone


Transports from one end of the string to the other.


Motion sickness dependent on distance traveled


Holding to ear

Collected by

Warehouse 12


Connection Leena's B&B to the Warehouse

Artie's Office

Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

Charles Pearson was Solicitor to the City of London, a reforming campaigner, and – briefly – Member of Parliament for Lambeth. He campaigned against corruption in jury selection, for penal reform, for the abolition of capital punishment, and for universal suffrage.

Pearson used his influence as City Solicitor to promote improvements to transport communications. Initially, he proposed a central railway station for the City, accessed by tunnel, that would be used by multiple railway companies enabling workers to commute to the City from further away. When this plan was rejected, Pearson promoted an underground railway connecting the capital's northern termini. The resulting Metropolitan Railway was the first underground railway in the world and led to the development of the extensive London Underground network and the rapid expansion of the capital.

This toy was used by him whilst playing with his daughter as he planned the underground network.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When one end of the tin can is held up to the ear, the user will be immediately transported to the other end. During this time, the user will feel a rush of wind, as if they were traveling at high speed. Once they arrive at their destination, they may experience some travel sickness depending on how far they traveled.

It appears the artifacts are specifically the cans, and any form of string or wire can connect them over any distance. They do, however, only work if connected. Currently one end is located in the pantry of Leena's Bed & Breakfast and the other on a shelf just below the main Warehouse office. Artie Nielsen implemented this system to allow for quick transportation between the locations in case of emergency, following the recent disasters at either location.

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