Charles Martel's Stirrup
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Charles Martel




Allows user to see faraway surroundings through another


Enlists wanderers under their service


Traveling by horseback

Collected by

Warehouse 9







Date of Collection

June 12, 1547


Origin[edit | edit source]

Charles Martel was already a legend in the Frankish Empire, attacking enemies by suddenly appearing in their midst and then baiting them to follow into a skirmish. His true recognition however was preventing the conquer of Europe from Muslim sovereignty in al-Andalus (Spain). Charles saw a threat and conscripted the continent’s first full-time army, employing officers year-round and paying their families for missed harvests. Most of the funds came from capturing churches and their property.

When Abd ar-Raḥmān crossed the Pyrenes mountains, he expected little more than unorganized post-Rome savages. On the plains of Tours, Charles’ forces had secretly arrived via backroads and were prepared to fight. After several charges between sides, the Umayyads were convinced their loot was being stolen. A tactical error – their partial retreat ended up exposing Rahman to the enemy, which Martel took advantage of and pushed back the Umayyads.

Bordeaux, Burgundy and Gaul were all absorbed into the Merovingian dynasty through successive battles. The father of the middle ages (castles, knights and pied tights) retired to just maintain the empire he formed, ignoring pleas of the Pope for protection. At least until his grandson Charlemagne felt a revival period envelop him.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Rapidly blinking will cause the images surrounding the user to flicker away. What they see instead is the viewpoint of another, normally someone kilometers or even leagues away. Provides an inner sense of direction where said person is located, and the best path to travel undetected. Affected people can sometimes see an instance of vastly different environments if they take a quick glance out the corners of their eye.

The wielder is often struck by the desire for an entourage. Most times they want companions to journey alongside with on their quest, as either a fellow soldier or lookout. In a few cases, the user just feels like having a mate for the road ahead. Whoever they point at and command to join will feel bound to the agreement until the adventure ends.

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