Charles Kingsford Smith's Airplane's Undercarriage Leg and Wheel
Charles kingford smith wheel


Charles Kingsford Smith


Airplane Leg and Wheel


Makes objects, especially mechanical ones, last longer and be more efficient; also effects people.


Random disappearances


Attaching to an object

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

June 14, 1937



Sir Charles Kingsford was an early Australian aviator who, after WWI, put his flying skills to use. Among his many accomplishments, he was the first pilot to make a non-stop flight across the Australian continent and the first pilot to make flights between Australia and New Zealand. In 1934, he purchased a Lockheed Altair named the Lady Southern Cross, because he wished to participate in the famous MacRobertson Air Race. However, due to him being unable to make the trip because of time constraints, he instead made the first trans-Pacific flight from Australia to the United States.

It was during his attempt to break the England-Australia speed record set by C.W.A. Scott and Tom Campbell Black, however, a year later, that he and his co-pilot Tommy Pethybride were met with tragedy. While flying over the Andaman Sea, the plane disappeared on November 8th, 1935. Though the bodies were never recovered, the undercarriage leg of the plane - which happened to be the Lady Southern Cross - was found eighteen months later by Burmese fishermen.

It inspired the Disney movie “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”.


Attaching the leg and wheel to any mechanical device makes it more efficient and, similar to the famed menorah of Hanukkah, makes its power source last far longer than it normally would. People around the artifact will also receive similar affects, being more energetic and ambitious. However, it also causes seemingly random disappearances whilst in use.

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