Charles Calvert's Tobacco
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Charles Calvert




Steadfast belief to one’s decisions


Inability to account for different viewpoints or change opinion




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Origin[edit | edit source]

As the 3rd Baron of Baltimore, Charles Calvert was entitled to the family colony of Maryland. It was founded as a safe haven for Roman Catholics and other denominations to escape the restrictions imposed by Anglican England. Governing a fundamentally opposed colony proved much more difficult and uncompromising than Calvert could have potentially imagined.

Upon his arrival, Maryland suffered poor harvests of its cash crop tobacco and began the system of keeping baptized and children of slaves continually enslaved. There was also unresolved squabbling with William Penn over the borders between Pennsylvania and Maryland. But most importantly, Maryland became a hotbed for religious argument.

The appeal of land and commerce attracted flocks of Protestants, minimalizing the presence of Catholics and similar groups. Calvert constantly tried to use his political power to curb Protestantism, but his attempts at restricting voting rights and assembly positions alienated his very own people. By the time Calvert sailed back to England, his Maryland of religious tolerance had become a dominion of Protestant dominance.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Causes the inhaler to rigidly adhere to their values, even if detrimental to their success. They become unwilling to change their actions, especially when they are unpopular or sharply criticized by opponents. This comfort with arguing 'no' often leads to a loss of widespread support for the user's goals. Noted to have an even more intensive potency when within the confines of Maryland, allowing the wielder to incite riots with the merest unintended action.

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