Charles Bowles' Flour Sack


Charles Earl "Black Bart" Bowles


Flour Sack Mask


Inspires complacency in victims when worn by assailant.


Effects reverse if wearer is rude.



Collected by

Felix Draco


Felix's Shelf

Date of Collection




Charles Earl Bowles started his career as a miner during the California Gold Rush, then enlisted as a soldier for the Civil War in 1861. After the war he married and returned to life as a prospector before turning to a life of crime. He became well known as "Black Bart", the Gentleman Outlaw.

Noted for his politeness during heists and never having to fire a gun, he nonetheless made a small fortune for himself from his successful raids. To hide his identity, he would wear on his head a flour sack with eye-holes cut in and always approached on foot due to a fear of horses.


When worn, the wearer can persuade their victim to agree to almost any task, provided it is within reason. This makes it almost trivial to encourage targets to hand over any cash and valuables on their person, or request them not to defend themselves.

The effects only work as long as the user speaks in a soft and polite way. If the wearer is behaves rudely at any time, the effects reverse and the victims will become immediately aggressive and hostile.

Felix's NotesEdit

"This artifact was snagged by yours truly at a historical highwayman's museum shortly after I arrived in the country. It made things much easier. Convince a man to hand over some cash for food. Talk a clerk into letting me stay for free in his hotel. Persuade the police that I'm not worth their time or effort. Artie has borrowed it a few times to help with some cover stories."

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